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Vivo X23 and Vivo IQOO – a premium pair of smartphones from Vivo

July 02, 2019

Vivo is the largest smartphone manufacturer with a leading position in the Chinese market. In recent years, they have been actively promoting themselves at the international arena. And actually, there is something to promote! We are inviting you to take a closer look at two “hot” smartphones from Vivo: Vivo X23 and Vivo IQOO. X23 is a representative of mid-high-end smartphones, with a stunning design and powerful specs, while IQOO is a stylish smartphone for gamers, which has been sh...

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Huawei Nova 5 - an incredibly beautiful and powerful smartphone at very low price

June 29, 2019

We have used to that the market for smartphones is probably the best that could possibly be. Each manufacturer is trying to surprise, each company is trying to please the user, overwhelm him with technology from head to toe, giving the smartphone a dream - and at the same time without bending the price. Naturally, there are exceptions and some manufacturers are not averse to cash in on their fans, but this is hardly the case with Huawei. Recently, this Chinese brand introduced three interesting ...

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Xiaomi & Redmi: review of the key models of 2019. Which one is yours?

June 25, 2019

It's no secret that Xiaomi smartphones are among the market leaders. Yes, someone may say that they are losing to the old-timers such as Samsung or Apple, but in fact everyone knows: Xiaomi is the best option for those who want to buy a good smartphone and not overpay. We present to your attention a selection of current smartphones Xiaomi. Buying them, you definitely will not make a bad choice. Xiaomi Mi9 Screen: Super AMOLED-matrix at 6.39 inches with a resolution of FullHD +; Chipset: Sna...

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Nokia 8.1 - a beautiful and powerful smartphone with advanced cameras at a low price.

June 21, 2019

For a long time smartphones from the Nokia company did not appear in our reviews. Although lately the brand has reduced production volumes, introducing new products less and less often, this does not negate the fact that there are many worthy gadgets in the company's line up. At the same time, they are getting cheaper and today you can snatch a Nokia smartphone at the less than flagman level for mere pennies. One of such interesting in price is the device Nokia 8.1, which has advanced features, ...

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Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL - Google’s flagship design is officially confirmed

June 19, 2019

Everyone knows that the search giant usually presents their flagships in the fall, a little bit later than Apple’s presentation. That is, just not worth waiting for them in the nearest future. Although the company's smartphones are not sold in large quantities, yet Google users have always attracted considerable interest from users. After the info leak, the official Google has once again confirmed this. As it turned out that renders, as well as mock-ups of smartphones, are available online...

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