3 in 1 TWS Mini Waterproof Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless Earphone

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1. Bluetooth earphones + audio + charging treasure three in one.

2. Bluetooth 4.2, intelligent noise reduction, more stable signal, faster connection, clearer call, working distance: 10 meters.

3. Support HI-RES lossless decoding, restore CD-level sound quality.

4. Comes with mobile power supply box, 1200mAh power, 240 hours in standby time, and about 3-4 hours of listening to songs. Fast charge in 30 minutes, can provide about 8 times of charging for your earphones.

5. Bluetooth voice prompts, keep track of the various states of the phone, such as: on/off, caller ID, low battery, etc.

6. Can connect/use two mobile phones or computers at the same time, work and entertainment are not delayed.

7. Ergonomic design, comfortable earphones, reducing the pain of wearing earphones for a long time.

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