8 X Mobile Phone Telescope for iPhone 6 Plus (Black)

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About the product

1. Brand new and high quality

2. Suitable for watching game, telegraphing, traveling etc.

3. Can be used as a mini monocular

4. Black cover case snaps on your phone for normal protection

5. Detachable Design: Easy to be screwed on to and removed off from the case, and convenient to carry

6. If the camera of the phone can not take a clear image, you may manually fine-tune the focus by adjusting the focus ring

7. Equipped with 8X zoom, you can watch a clear image which is far away from you by using this telephoto lens

8. This long distance lens adopt the high quality optical glass and high definition, special lens

9. Camera flash must be turned off while using the lens attachment

Safety Instructions

1. Do not use telephoto lens to look at the sun or strong light source, as it may cause instant and irreversible damage to your eyes.

2. Do not expose telephoto lens to sudden temperature changes as this will result in fogging of the optics.

3. Place the tripod on a stable, level surface, free from vibrations and away from sources of heat

4. Keep free from dust, lint, hair, etc.

5. Do not use this unit for anything other than its intended use

6. Keep this product out of reach of children

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