Car DVR - DV360-3DT 360 Seamless Surround View (3D+1080P+Built-in16G Memory) Night Vision

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1. Product Highlights: HD Fisheye 6-glass lens with a horizontal angle of 180 degrees.

2. 4 universal cameras, SONY225 matt night vision.

3. 25 models are available, the body color can be set by DIY.

4. 3 seconds fast start, 3D viewing angle, adjustable streaming angle.

5. Support original car track function, this function needs to connect CAN line.

6. Built-in 16G memory, support USB export recording function.

7. Parking shock video, after the parking lot can save evidence.

8. Support TF Card with 4 Cameras

9. Support TF Card / Parking Video with Adjustable Angle 4 Cameras.

10. Night vision.

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