DT-8836 Non-contact Forehead Body Infrared Thermometer

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1. Non-Contact and with a high accuracy of measurement.

2. Providing two temperature modes,Fahrenheit scale and Celsius scale,for selection.

3. Providing the function of sound notification of high body temperature.

4. Capable of storing 32 sets for the latest measurement date.

5. Providing the function of saving the date and auto turn off.

6. Providing the function of auto selection the range, LCD display resolution:0.1 degree C(0.1 degree F).

7. LCD digital display.

8. Operating Temperature: 10 - 40 Degree Celsius, and do not put it in the environment temperature that under 0 Degree Celsius or obove 50 Degree Celsius.


1. Measurement accuracy:

32.0 degree C - 35.9 degree C (93.2 degree F-96.6 degree F): -/+0.3 degree C (0.5 degree F)

36.0 degree C - 39.0 degree C (96.8 degree F-102.2 degree F): -/+0.2 degree C (0.4 degree F)

39.0 degree C - 42.5 degree C (102.2 degree F-108.5 degree F): -/+0.3 degree C (0.5 degree F)

2. Measuring distance: 5-15cm

3. Body temperature mode: 32.0 degree C - 42.5 degree C

4. Auto power off: About 7 seconds, response time: 0.5s

5. Over-range indication: LCD display "Hi" or "Lo"

6. Power: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

7. Size: 150x75x40mm

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