Ipega PG-9128 Black KingKong Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth Gamepad with Stretchable Mobile Phone Holder (Black)

Brand: Ipega

Product Code: E0I5AWSND3

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1. Adopt Bluetooth 4.0 solution, no need for APP setting, no activation, support for direct play of iOS and Android devices (Note: support Android 6.0 or above, iOS11.0 or higher).

2. The key spacing is tight and not crowded, the span is small, and the operation is easy to use.

3. It is equipped with a detachable and replaceable disc cross button, which is more flexible and convenient.

4. Equipped with exclusive mobile phone lever telescopic bracket (stretching less than 95mm).

5. 360 degree rocker, high accuracy of regional positioning.

6. Non-slip grip, designed according to the curve of the hand, fits the hand, does not slip.

7. Compatible with all kinds of equipment, such as smart phones/smart TVs, set-top boxes/PCs, etc.

8. You can download the custom APP settings custom button.

Product specifications:

1. Bluetooth version: 4.0.

2. Transmission distance: less than or equal to 8m.

3. Battery capacity: 400mAh.

4. Charging time: about 2 hours.

5. Standby time (placed at full power): greater than 40 days.

6. Continuous use time: greater than or equal to 10 hours.

7. Operating voltage / current: DC 3.7V / 20mA.

8. Input voltage / current: DC 5V / 500mA.

9. Weight: 380g.

10. Size: 17.5x13.6x6.5cm.

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