Irix 67mm Edge Light Pollution Filter

Brand: IRIX

Product Code: E0RFLE6EMJ

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More accurate colours

The 67mm Irix Edge Light Pollution filter reduces yellow light, and so guaranteeing more accurate colours in any type of night photography near to, or in, the city (street, landscape, astrophotography, etc.).

Sharpness and contrast improvement

This filter greatly reduces the yellowish haze, which results in sharper images and with better overall contrast.

Super Endurance (SE) filter series

This filter series is characterized by its outstanding durability, and so guarantees filter safety in every situation.

Nano coatings

Special NANO coatings help to keep the filter surface clean. The filter has water and oil repellent characteristics so dust does not stick to the surface.

Multilayer anti-reflective coatings

Both sides of the filter are covered by a multi-layer anti-reflective coating, which guarantees clear images without any flare.

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