JJR/C X17 6K-GPS Foldable Brushless 2-Axis Gimbal Dual Camera Aircraft (Green)

Brand: JJR/C

Product Code: E08KITP9CT

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1. 6K HD professional version, two-axis mechanical self-stabilizing gimbal, stable shooting, clear picture

2. The fuselage adopts an innovative cross-folding and convenient folding design, which feels just right

3. The brushless motor is powerful and wind resistant

4. GPS + optical flow dual mode, GPS intelligent positioning and return home, better prevent the aircraft from being lost

5. 5G wifi high-definition image transmission, gestures to take photos/videos

6. Has a drawer type remote control

7. Modular battery, with power display, 11.1V 2850mAh lithium battery lasts about 30 minutes

8. Charging time: about 4 hours

9. Use time: about 30 minutes

10. Charging mode: USB charging cable

12. Remote control battery: AA*3 AA battery (not included)

13. Remote control distance: about 1000 meters

14. WIFI remote control distance: about 500-600 meters

15. Image transmission distance: about 500-600 meters

16. Positioning: GPS + optical flow dual mode

17. Size: unfolded 26x26x6.7cm, folded 17x11.5x6.7cm

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