Leica 8x50 Ultravid HD Binoculars

Brand: Leica

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Leica's Ultravid HD line are remarkable roof prism binoculars which exceed even the lofty standards of the Ultravid models.  The Ultravid HD's contours feel as immediately comfortable in your hands as does wearing an old pair of jeans, and they couldn't be easier to keep steady on your subject.  The 8x50 model is perfect for those who want the absolute brightest binocular possible, and are willing to sacrifice weight savings in order to do so.  The 8x50 features a whopping 6.25mm exit pupil diameter, which allows comfortable viewing in all twilight.  It is a great choice for a hunter working from a stationary position for extended durations.

The Ultravid HD series reach unparalleled image brightness and contrast thanks to Leica's new Fluorite-Ion lenses.  With the HD, Leica's gone beyond the realm of normal expectations to satisfy requirements of fastidious enthusiasts.  The "normal" Ultravids already provided a breathtaking view; these highly-developed lenses within the Ultravid HD further reduce chromatic aberrations, and produce higher color fidelity.

The 8x50 Ultravid HD benefits significantly from the Leica's new "Aqua Dura" Hydrophobic lens coating, an enhancment which repels water from the optics and also facilitates significantly easier cleaning.

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