MeMo FL01 Micro USB Rechargeable Suction Cup Type Mobile Phone Cooling Handle with Three-speed Adjustable Mute Glare Fan

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1. Applicable to mobile phones / tablets with a width of more than 50mm.

2. The ultra-quiet glare fan does not disturb others.

3. 6000 rotation speed, super wind force takes away the heat of the mobile phone instantly.

4. Three winds can be adjusted.

5. 500mAh battery can be fully charged in 1 hour, and the battery life can reach 3 hours.

6. Suction cup installation, simple operation, does not affect the holding of mobile phone after installation.

7. The phone no longer gets hot, not only does it not save more power, but also extends battery life.

8. Small and portable.

Product parameters:

1. Input current: 0.1A.

2. Dimensions (without suction cup): 83x61x19mm.

3. Input voltage: 5V.

4. Power supply interface: Micro USB.

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