Mini Portable UV Sterile Machine Portable Ozone Disinfection Box Personal Care (Purple)

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1. Built-in UV germicidal lamp, the light intensity is more than 20 times that of sunlight, which can effectively kill bacteria.

2. It has ozone sterilization function, strong oxidizing power, strong penetrating power and thorough sterilization.

3. The lamp tube adopts quartz tube, which has long service life and high transmission rate.

4. Microcomputer control, 10 minute timing function, automatic sterilization procedure.

5. There is a national laboratory microbiology testing center sterilization test report, the sterilization rate of more than 99%, truly achieve a sterile ecological life, let you rest assured that you feel comfortable.

6. Small size, stylish and beautiful, easy to carry and travel companion; 7. Children, adult underwear sterilization partners, sanitary napkins and other personal items thoroughly disinfected, to provide strong health protection for your body.

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