Nikon NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S Macro Lens

Brand: NIKON

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The Nikon Nikkor Z 105mm F2.8 VR S is a short telephoto lens designed for close-up photography. It has a minimum focus distance of 0.29m (11.4") and a 1:1 magnification ratio. The lens' Vibration Reduction system can reduce shake by up to 4.5 stops. The 105mm F2.8 has 16 elements, including aspherical and ED glass, as well as a 9-blade aperture. The focus group is driven by a stepping motor.

The lens has focus limiter and AF/MF switches and a customizable L-Fn button. An OLED panel on the top can show a variety of data.

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Etoren Customer

Posted on Tue Oct 26, 2021 11:31 PM
Hallo Etoren Team, €). Ist es von Ihrer Firma tatsächlich ab sofort liefbar? Wenn eine baldige Lieferung nach deutschland sicher wäre, würde ich gerne das Objektiv bestellen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen. Claudio Jara

Etoren Support Staff

Posted on Wed Oct 27, 2021 04:47 PM
Unfortunately, no. The estimated delivery date is stated on product page when you select Germany as the shipping destination. We're unable to provide an exact delivery date as transportation lead time and custom process are not within our control.