PINWUYO 9H 2.5D Full Screen Tempered Glass Film for LG G8X ThinQ (Black)


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1. Ultra-thin and excellent flexibility. The screen is very thick. After you've completely pasted the movie, you don't have to worry about whether your phone's response will slow down.

2. High hardness. This tempered glass reticle film has high hardness and thus can effectively and continuously prevent itself from being scratched or broken into pieces. If it breaks, the tempered glass will break into small pieces that are not sharp, making the user safer.

3. High definition. The film has high light transmittance. With high light transmission and low light reflection, the film can provide you with a high-definition screen as usual.

4. Functionality. The screen protector fits well on your phone and protects your phone from scratches, fingerprints, water, oil, dust, vibration, slip, etc. When dyed with water, soil, earth, oil or other accessories, it can be cleaned effortlessly.

5. Easy to use. To paste film, all you have to do is clean the screen thoroughly.

6. Durable. With good performance and high quality, it may work for a long time.


1. Since this is a glassware, please note that the edge of the glass is the most vulnerable area.

2. Using excessive force to install or remove the screen protector may damage the product.

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