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The PowerEgg X Wizard Waterproof AI Camera & Drone from Power Vision is an AI-enhanced camera and rugged all-weather drone, all packed into a sleek, egg-shaped body. As a stationary AI camera, it can automatically track subjects and professionally film a scene automatically. As a drone, you can utilize the included waterproof housing to film in the rain or near water. Included floats even let you take off from and land on the water. As a handheld camera, you can take it almost anywhere to capture exactly the footage you need. All modes utilize the PowerEgg X Wizard's 3-axis 4K60 stabilizing gimbal, and in handheld/drone modes, you can even record audio to sync with your footage in real time.

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Looking for that

Etoren Customer

Posted on Fri Dec 16, 2022 09:00 PM
Hello, I am looking for a poweregg x 8k. I looked in France for a Poweregg Wizard but I still can't find it. Where should I go, which store in France has it please? It's urgent. Do you have this new drone at home? thank you

Etoren Support Staff

Posted on Mon Dec 19, 2022 10:50 AM
Hi, we do not have Poweregg x 8K or Poweregg Wizard. Thanks