Super Game Kit for PS4/Slim/Pro Series, Dual Charging Dock + Charge Cable + Stereo Headphones + Silicone Thumbstick Cover + Vertical Stand + Controller Silicon Case

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Article Number: TP41751.

Material: ABS.

1. Game accessory set for PS4/Slim/Pro.

2. Get rid of the inconvenience of using the product.

3. The product is simple in shape, comfortable and easy to use.

4. Small and exquisite, color box packaging, sleek minimalist.

5. Packaging includes:

1x Dual Charging Dock.

1x MicroUSB Charge Cable.

1x PS4 Slim/Pro Transparent Vertical Stand.

2x High Silicone Thumbstick Cover.

2x Ordinary Silicone Thumbstick Cover.

1x Controller Silicone Case.

1x3.5mm Headhone.

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