YAD-001 Infrared Thermometer + Automatic Infrared Sensor Sterilization Dispenser with Tripod Mount Holder

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1. Non-contact, no need to handheld, avoid cross-infection

2. Using high-precision infrared sensors, stable and reliable performance

3. Automatic body temperature detection with automatic washing-free hands sanitizer integrated, which makes disinfection more convenient

4. Strong environmental temperature adaptability, could be used normally in complex environment

5. Large size digital display, which is clear and soft

6. Two temperature units: Celsius and Fahrenheit

7. With both chinese and English language, could be used in most regions

8. Intelligent power saving and automatic wake-up function


1. Material: ABS + PC

2. Power: 3W

3. Power supply: DC 5V 2.1A or 4 AA batteries (not included)

4. Function: Detect body temperature and disinfect hands by sensor-supported sintizer

5. Body temperature display: Digitaldisplay and voice broadcast

6. Measurement method: Infrared sensor

7. Measuring distance: 1-5cm

8. Measuring range: Body temperature(32 degree C - 42.9 degree C, 89.6 degree F - 109.2 degree F)

9. Allowable error:+/-0.2 degree C

10. Measurement time: 2 seconds

11. Filling bottle capacity: 300ML

12. Liquid type: Washing-free hands sanitizer, common hands sanitizer

13. Discharge method: Infrared sensor

14. Size: 128x70x300mm

15. Weight: 670g

Package list

1. Host x 1

2. 1.6m Tripod x 1

3. 2m charge cable x 1

4. DC 5V 2.1A power adapter x 1

5. 300ML bottle x 1

6. Wall-mounted metal x 1

7. Sealing ring x 1

8. Base x 1

9. Butterfly nut stent diameter 6 x 1

10. Bracket butterfly nut phase diameter 12mm aperture 6mm x 1

11. Solid wall screws stopper x 2

12. Solid wall hardware screws Y304 stainless steel self-tapping screws cross countersunk head screw diameter 4x25 x 2

13. Wall base fixing screw M5 5x12mm x 1

14. The hanging wall of the base fixed hexagonal nut diameter 8 x 1

15. The hanging wall of the base fixed nut phase modulation diameter 12 x 1

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